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Time and Frequency
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For over three decades Spectracom© have developed time and frequency products to support communications equipment and networks with reliable timing and synchronization and high throughput test and measurement.

SecureSync™Time and Frequency Synchronization System Shown with secure GPS (SAASM) option

New from Spectracom

Precision Time Protocol

Offering the ability for microsecond clock synchronization over Ethernet.While network time protocol (NTP) has provided network time synchronization for years, PTP can provide much better accuracy by hardware time-stamping messages to measure the delay between the master and slave.
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Products from Spectracom IncludeApplications from Spectracom Include


SecureSync™ combines Spectracom’s precision master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design to bring you a powerful time & frequency reference system at the lowest cost of ownership. Military and commercial applications alike will benefit from its extreme reliability, security, and flexibility for synchronizing critical operations.

Choice of MRU or GB-GRAM Receiver

Spectracom’s SecureSync offers a choice of a 24-channel Miniature Ruggedized Unit (MRU) and a 12-channel Ground-Based GPS Receiver Application Module (GB-GRAM). When loaded with the crypto-keys, they receive the L1 and L2 GPS frequencies, decrypt the P(Y) code, and precisely synchronize time for the most mission-critical applications.
If the keys are not present, are deleted, or have expired, these units operate the same as commercial GPS receivers by receiving and synchronizing to the C/A L1 signal (also known as standard positioning service [SPS] instead of PPS).

Click here for the SecureSync Datasheet

Netclock 9483
Netclock® 9483 Time Server & Master Clock

Spectracom’s NetClock 9400 series continues Spectracom’s legacy of highly accurate and reliable GPS master clock technology that is easy-to-install and manage backed by NetClock’s industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Click here for the Netclock® 9483 Time Server & Master Clock Datasheet

Netclock 9300
Netclock® 9300 Series

Today’s network and computer systems require time-sensitive data for such tasks as logging events, records management, network optimization and troubleshooting, and synchronizing operations. Spectracom’s NetClock delivers worldwide, split-second timing with the highest security, reliability, and ease of management for applications in commercial enterprises, public safety and government agencies, and for military networks (through the SAASM GPS receiver option).

Netclock Time Server 9300 - Click here for the Datasheet

EC20S Epsilon GPS Clock
Digital Broadcast

The key feature of new digital broadcast technology is the use of a multi-carrier system Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (COFDM) to overcome adjacent channel interferences and reflections of same signal. This process allows reliable operation of SFN networks since all transmitters use the same frequencies. All transmitters in a SFN need to be synchronized so that their emitted signals are frequency identical and bit identical. SFN operation requires Spectracom equipment to ensure synchronization using a universal time and frequency reference.

Products include:

EC20S - Click here for the Datasheet
EBO3 - Click here for the Datasheet
EC1S - Click here for the Datasheet

Applications include

  • Digital Video Broadcasting
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting
  • SFN adapter / MIP inserter
  • Digital Broadcast Transmitters
  • COFDM Encoder and Modulator

Aerospace and Defense Solutions

Spectracom Offer a wide range of time and frequency solutions. From the flexibility required for embedded components used in integrated systems, to the security needed for mission-critical networking, Spectracom has a solution. The products include:

  • Bus-Level Timing.
  • GPS Time and Frequency References.
  • Frequency Counters/Analyzers.
  • SecureSync Time & frequency Synchronization System references/master clocks for communications systems.
  • Secure network time servers for network synchronization.
  • Timing modules, bus-level timing, computer slot cards such as PCI and PCIexpress.
  • Time code systems (IRIG, HaveQuick, etc.)
  • Synchronized clocks & time displays.
  • Time & frequency analyzers / counters.
  • GPS signal generators and GPS constellation simulators.
  • Microwave antenna path alignment systems.
  • Special configurations, turn-key systems and integrated logistics support.

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