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Product A-Z

Below is a list of products we can source, however, as our products are constantly evolving if you have a requirement for something that is not on this list then please Contact Us today.

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Adaptors, Coax to Coax
AC Power Supply
AC Power Meter
Adpators, Waveguide to Coax
Adpators, Waveguide to Waveguide
Amplifiers, Low Noise
Amplifiers, Ultra Low Noise
Amplifiers, Instrumentation
Amplifiers, Millimeter-Wave, Medium Power
Amplifiers, Millimeter-Wave, Low Noise
Amplifiers, Millimeter-Wave, RF Power
Amplifiers, Limiting
Amplifiers, GPS
Amplifiers, Distribution
Amplifiers, MMIC to 45GHz
Amplifiers, Test Bench
Analysers, Modulation
Analysers, Spectrum
Antenna Alignment Test Set, Microwave
Antenna Testers
Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Arc Detectors, Waveguide
Attenuators, Continuously Variable, Coax
Attenuators, Continuously Variable, Waveguide
Attenuators, Fixed, Chip
Attenuators, Fixed, Coaxial
Attenuators, Fixed, Waveguide
Attenuators, Programmable
Attenuators, Variable, Step
Audio Generators
Audio Analysers


Bias Tees
Bus Level Timimg
Bluetooth Modules
Bench Multimeters
Bulkhead Feedthrus
Bird Thruline Wattmeter
BNC Connectors
Block Upconverter
Block Downconverter
Benchtop Amplifier


Cable Assemblies, Coaxial
Cables, Armored
Calibration Service, RF Power
Ceramic Crystals
Circulators, Coaxial
Circulators, Drop In
Circulators, Waveguide
Coaxial Connectors - All Types to 65GHz
Coaxial Resonator Oscillators (CRO)
Coaxial Switches
Combiners, Waveguide, Hybrid
Connectors, Coaxial
Counter/Timer Analysers
Counters, Microwave
Couplers, Directional, Coax
Couplers, Hybrid
Couplers, Waveguide, High Directivity
Couplers, Waveguide, Loop
Crystal, Filters
Crystal Oscillators (Clock)
Crystal Oscillators (OCXO)
Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)
Crystal Oscillators (VCXO)
Crystals, Quartz
Crystal Resonator


Data Acquisition
DC Blocks, Shorts
DC Injectors
Detectors, Waveguide
Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DRO)
Directional Couplers, Coax
Directional Couplers, Coax, High Power
Directional Couplers, Waveguide, Crossguide
Digital Oscilloscope
Digital Wattmeter
Digital Multimeter


Electronic Loads


Ferrite Circulators & Isolators
Field Strength Measurement Systems
Filters, Bandpass
Filters, Bandstop
Filters, Ceramic
Filters, Coaxial
Filters, Combline
Filters, Crystal
Filters, Crystal Monolithic
Filters, Highpass
Filters, Lowpass
Filters, SAW
Filters, Tunable
Filters, Video
Filters, Waveguide
Flexible Waveguide
Frequency Counters
Frequency Doublers & Multipliers to 400GHz
Frequency Standards, Rubidium
Frequency, Synthesisers
Function Generators


GPS Simulators
Gunn Oscillators


High Pot / Flash / Overvoltage Testers
High Power Coax & Waveguide Components
High Speed Logic Components - 50Gb
Hybrid, Quadrature
Hybrids, Coax
Hybrids, Waveguide
Handheld Test Equipment


Isolators, Coaxial
Isolators, Drop In
Isolators, Waveguide


LCR Meter
Line Stretchers
Loads (5W to 80kW)
Low Power Radio Modules


Master Clock Systems
Meters, RF Power
Meters, VSWR
Milli Ohmeters
Millimeter-Wave Components
Mixers, Harmonic
Mixers, Image-Reject
Mixers, Surface Mount
Mixers, Waveguide
Modulator Drivers
Modulators QPJK
Modulators Vector
Monolithic Crystal Filters
Multimeters, Handheld & Bench
Multipliers, 12-140GHz


Noise Sources


Optical Quartz Products
Oscillators, Coaxial Resonator (CRO)
Oscillators, Dielectric Resonator (DRO)
Oscillators, Crystal
Oscillators, Fixed
Oscillators, Frequency Synthesized
Oscillators, Gunn - 150 GHz
Oscillators, Phase-Locked Coaxial PCRO
Oscillators, Phase-Locked Dielectric PDRO
Oscillators, Voltage Controlled
Oscilloscopes, Analogue
Oscilloscopes, Digital (DSO)
Oscilloscopes, Mixed Signal
Oscilloscopes, PC Controlled


Phase Comparators
Phase Shifters, Coax
Phase Shifters, Waveguide
PLL Modules
Power Dividers / Combiners
Power Supplies, DC, Modular, Programmable 1 KW
Power Supplies, DC, Systems, Programmable, 1kW
Power Supplies, DC, Systems, Programmable
Power Supplies, Bench, Programmable
Power Supplies, Engineering Solutions
Programmable Electronic Loads


Quartz Crystals


Radio modems
Radio remote controls
Receivers (Test)
Resistors, Chip
Resistors, Disc
Resistors, Fixed
Resistors, Power Flange
Resistors, Rod
RF Modules
RF Power Meters
RF Wattmeters
Roll Rings
Rotary Joints (Coaxial)
Rotary Joints (Waveguide)
Rubidium Frequency Standards


Semi-Rigid Cable
Signal Sources
Signal Strength Meters
Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillators
SMD Crystal Oscillators
SMD Tuning Fork Crystal Resonators (For Automatic Resonators)
Spectrum Analysers
Splitters, Coax & Waveguide
Switches, Coaxial, SPDT
Switches, Coaxial, Transfer
Switches, PIN Diode
Switches, Waveguide
Synchronization Systems
Synchronization Tester/Analyzer


Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO)
Telecoms Test Equipment (ATM/IP)
Telecoms Test Equipment (PDH/SDH)
TEM Resonators
Terminations, Chip
Terminations, Coax
Terminations, Dummy Loads
Terminations, Waveguide
Thermal Jumpers
Thermal Platforms (Hot/Cold Plates)
Time Server
Transimpedance Amplifiers
Transitions, Waveguide
Tuning Fork Crystal Resonators/ KHz Band Crystal Resonators


Variable Attenuators
Voltage Controlled Oscillators
VSWR Meters
VSWR Monitors


Waveguide, Assemblies
Waveguide, Bends
Waveguide, Coax Adaptors
Waveguide, Combiners/Dividers
Waveguide, Flanges
Waveguide, Flexible
Waveguide, Horns
Waveguide, Magic Tees
Waveguide, Quick Disconnect Flanges
Waveguide, Twists
Waveguide, Windows
Waveguide, Crossguide Couplers
Waveguide, Directional Couplers
Waveguide, Hardware
Waveguide, Pressurising Sections
Waveguide, Tees
Waveguide, Terminations
Wifi gateway
Wireless modules