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Power Supplies

Aspen Electronics have one of the widest ranges of Bench, Programmable System Power Supplies & Programmable Electronic Loads.

Our range of DC power supplies starts with standard 100W single output bench models and extends to fully programmable 150kW rack-mounted models & a vast range in-between.

Please contact us to speak to one of our experienced sales engineers.

Agilent Technologies
Lab & System DC Power Supplies with single or multi outputs. Voltage ranges from 5V to 600V. Current from 1A to 875A. Also, DC Power Systems & Analysers that combine power supplies, electronic loads, DMM, arbitrary waveform generators, digitisers and data loggers all in unit.
Plus, Precision Source/Measurement units (SMU) and Low Noise Power Supplies, both with high resolution measurement capability.
GW Instek
GW Instek manufacture Bench Power Supplies from 100W to 400W as well as Programmable Power Supplies from 100W to 500W, including Dual-Range Models.
Due to the large range of GW Instek equipment Aspen sell, this link will take you to our sister website www.aspen-instek.com.
TDK Lambda
TDK-Lambda is a subsidiary of the TDK Corporation, a leading global electronics company. Aspen Electronics specialises in their Programmable and High Power Bulk Power Supplies, including the Genesys Range (1U-3U), Zero Up (Modular Programmable Supplies) & FPS (Front End Power Supplies).