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Aspen Electronics can supply a wide range of waveguide components, from a verity of principals. Frequencies from WR650 to WR5 at 220GHz.

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Almost every type of waveguide component you need.
Diamond Antenna and Microwave rotary couplers are used with directional antennas in communications and radar applications.
Single Channel Waveguide: I-style (in-line), L-style and U-style standards from under 1 GHz to 50 GHz are available in WR2100 to WR22 as well as broadband dual ridge designs.
Multiple Channel Coaxial / Waveguide: Air Traffic Control applications and primary and secondary radar design. High Power waveguide and coaxial channels with encoder previsions integrated with low frequency Roll Rings.
Pamtech produce high quality waveguide ferrite circulators and isolators.
Millimeterwave waveguide components.