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Agilent Technologies
Aspen Electronics Ltd is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Agilent Technologies Inc. to act as their Authorised Distributor for a range of Agilent products including Adapters, Amplifiers, Attenuators, Power Limiters & Electromechanical Switches.
ATM manufactures a selection of coaxial PIN and electromechanical switches for applications up to 18GHz.
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Crosspoint Technologies
CrossPoint Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures Matrix Switch systems, Redundancy Switches and Selector Switches with frequency ranges from DC to 18 GHz.
These products are offered in multiple configurations from simple 2 way to large N x N matrix switching system and are designed for use in both commercial and military applications that include Satellite earth stations, signal exploitation, ELINT COMINT, SIGINT, TT&C, and test applications.
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Charter Engineering
Charter Engineering Inc. design and manufacture precision electromechanical coax switches.

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