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Attenuators / Loads

The Aspen Electronics range of fixed / variable attenuators and loads is truly comprehensive. Covering the frequency range from DC to 60GHz and power ratings from 2W to 2kW, in coax and waveguide we are confident that we have what you need no matter what the application.

A range of coaxial loads & attenuators including fixed, variable and step attenuators for production or test applications up to 18GHz. ATM's range of waveguide terminations are available in 5 different power ratings with models up to WR22 (50GHz), aswell as double ridge designs.
BirdBird Electronics
Aspen Electronics Ltd, as Bird's only approved European stockist has available for same day delivery a wide range of Attenuators with power ratings from 2W to 2kW, plus Loads/Terminations from 2W to 10kW.
The HVA series broadband PIN diode attenuators cover the waveguide bands from 18 ~ 110 GHz. The attenuators are available for applications requiring variations in power levels using a control voltage.
 LorchLorch Microwave
Produces a range of custom designed digital attenuators for military and commercial applications up to 3GHz.
Specialising in chip and flange mount resistive products, ResNet can supply both custom and industry standard products for all applications. In addition their range of coaxial attenuators & terminations provide a cost effective solution to any production requirement.

Please click on the links in the table to see the Price and Availability of Attenuators. If you see a x, please Contact Us for a part number and pricing.



If you can't see your required combination of Power, Attenuation or Connectors, please contact us.

Standard Models - Dual Concentric

Frequency (MHz)ModelModel Overview
DC~2500AS113-50-1Attn Range: 0~50dB in 1dB Steps, IL:1.0dBMax ,VSWR: 1.5:1Max.
DC~2200AS113-110-1Attn Range: 0~110dB in 1dB Steps, IL:0.5dBMax ,VSWR: 1.5:1Max.

Please note the above specifications are an overview only, for full specifications please visit http://www.atmmicrowave.com/coax-Atten-step.html#Step Attenuators.

Chip and Flange Attenuators

Aspen Can supply high/low chip designs as well as chip on flange designs, Aluminium Nitride Solutions are also available.

Part No.FrequencyPower (W)Specifications
RA2-XX, RA5-XXDC-18.0GHz2 & 5Datasheet
RA10-X, RA20-XDC-6.0GHz10 & 20Datasheet
Flange Attenuators
RPA-20, RPA-25, RPA-35DC-2.5GH20, 25, 35Datasheet
RPA-50, RPA-125, RPA-200DC-3.0GHz50, 125, 180Datasheet
RPAX-25, RPA-50, RPA-250DC-2.4GHz50, 100, 250Datasheet
Chip Attenuators
STANDARD, STYLE C, W, W3, DC-8.0GHz1; 200 peakDatasheet
RPCAXX-XDC-4.0GHz30 & 50Datasheet
Chip Resistors
RPCXX-XXXDC-18.0GHz5, 10, 15Datasheet
RPCXXX-XXX DC-18.0GHz 67 - 700 cw Datasheet


Aspen Can also supply:
  • 1kW bi-directional 6dB attenuator for “wafer-fab” RF generator power control
  • 5W, 130dB attenuator for radio system dynamic range testing
  • 1200W, 40dB high accuracy attenuator for 470-860MHz Digital TV application
  • 100W, weatherproofed attenuator with 7/16DIN connectors for outdoor RF systems

Lastly, something special. Do you operate a radio system and would like to attenuate the output of your radio but maintain the receiver sensitivity?

If so you might be interested in the Aspen “one way attenuator”. This was supplied to a customer who needed to reduce the output power of their telemetry radios whilst maintaining the full dynamic range of the receiver.

Because it was not possible to simply “turn down” the transmitter, as the radio was a sealed type approved system, the only option was to fit an attenuator to the duplexer output.

The Aspen “one way attenuator” provided 20dB in the transmit path, but only 0.4dB in the receive path. The result, one happy customer and the confirmation that “lateral thinking” does come in useful sometimes.

If you cannot find a product that meets your needs, please telephone us on
0208 868 1311 or email sales@aspen-electronics.com

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