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Filters / Diplexers

Aspen offers an extensive range of filters for almost every application. With such a wide range of products the best solution may be to contact us today & one of our experienced sales engineers will be pleased to assist you.

NEDI designs and manufactures SAW filters and resonators from 30MHz to 2.4GHz. Our ND series of SAW components are available in leaded type and SMD type (13.3×6.5, 7.0×5.0, 5.0×5.0, 5.0×3.5, 3.8×3.8, 3.0×3.0, etc). As the leading supplier of SAW components in China, NEDI have developed more than one thousand different types of SAW resonators and filters with excellent quality and high reliability. Both existing and custom design SAW filters, which are ITAR FREE
LorchLorch microwave - All Products
Filters for applications covering 1MHz ~ 20GHz, in discrete, cavity, ceramic, tubular designs. Also, for test applications a range of tuneable Bandpass and reject cavity filters.
LorchLorch microwave - Featured Products
Lorch Microwave offers a series of discrete lumped element filters and diplexers with standard “off the shelf” packaging utilizing the same internal components, circuit topologies and transfer functions found in Lorch filter products manufactured for military and space applications. Standard units are an ideal choice when hermetic sealed packages are not a requirement and when lower cost and quick delivery are essential.
IMC designs and manufactures custom ceramic filters and diplexers. Low cost, custom filters are available in prototypes to production quantities with high performance, low cost designs.

TxRx division, cavity filters for wireless multicoupler applications.
The KDS range of Monolithic crystal filters are available over the frequency range 10 – 160MHz. Featuring high Q, low insertion low, steep attenuation and high stability, as well as good temperature stability characteristics, the KDS range is available in surface mount and leaded packages.
The KVG range of crystal filters includes “standard” 9.0MHz and 10.7MHz designs. Discrete quartz filters covering the frequency range 1.4MHz to 70MHz, Crystal Discriminators covering 9.0 to 21MHz. Linear Phase Crystal filters covering the frequency range 10.7MHz to 70MHz. Plus “Front End” crystal filters covering the frequency range 60MHz to 200MHz.