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Aspen-Electronics offers complete range of RF & Microwave amplifiers for defence & commercial applications spanning the frequency range 10kHz to 100GHz.

Getting the product that meets your requirements, both technically and commercially, is our goal, therefore we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs at the earliest opportunity.

Features include:
  • Low Noise Amplifiers, for radar, communications and satcom applications.
  • Medium Power (10mW ~ 10W) and High Power (up to 1kW) amplifiers for systems and test equipment applications.
  • Millimetre wave amplifiers for all applications up to 110GHz.

We represent the following amplifier manufacturers; for further information please click the apropriate link, Or please contact us to speak to one of our experienced sales engineers.

CiaoCiao Wireless
Ciao Wireless offers a broad selection of Octave Band and Half-Octave Band Amplifiers. Designs are manufactured utilizing Thin-Film MIC technology.
Also avaliable are a wide selection of Broadband & Multi-Octave Band Amplifiers and Low Noise Amplifiers.
HXI's Amplifiers cover the range from 18 ~ 70 GHz, with partial coverage up to 100 GHz. Designs include Low Noise, Medium & High Power Amplifiers.
Suppliers of high power linear and pulsed RF, microwave and millimetre wave amplifiers for military, satellite communications and commercial wireless applications. Their products have been used in numerous combat proven military systems including ground and airborne radars, communications links, navigational equipment and training systems.
Please note this will take you to our sister company Admiral Microwaves.
Marik MicorwaveMarki Microwave
Marki Microwave offers the most comprehensive line of signal processing products up to 65 GHz, including mixers, doublers, multipliers, and specialty components ranging from amplifiers to DC blocks and bias tees. Marki Microwave components and subsystems are designed to offer superior performance and reliability at prices commensurate with the high-volume requirements of the microwave industry.
Please note this will take you to our sister company Admiral Microwaves