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Technical Library

Technical Library including; tutorials, calculators & support information for coaxial & waveguide RF applications covering both test equipment & components.

Flexible Armored Waveguide
Newer applications for Microwave Systems have required higher frequencies.This has led to the use of smaller waveguide sizes...
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Attenuator Uses
Coaxial RF Attenuators are an indispensable tool in the design and production stages of communications equipment...
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The Model 43 In A Mismatched Line
One of the most common questions which our readers have asked regarding the use of our Model 43 THRULINE®Wattmeter concerns the...
The Model 43 In A Mismatched Line

Straight Talk About Directivity
Directivity plays a critical role in determining the accuracy of your RF power, VSWR and return loss measurements. Errors due to directivity can be significant and may influence the decisions you make based upon your test results. The purpose of this article is to explore the subject of directivity and to set appropriate expectations.
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RF Power Measurements in the Field
There are many valid reasons to make RF power measurements in a field environment. It may be difficult to actually select the top reasons but I feel reasonably comfortable in selecting some important reasons to make a field power measurement.
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VSWR Measurements Using In-Line Power Meters
The measurement of Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) has long been considered to be the most universal indicator of the health of transmission systems, and the continuous monitoring of transmission system VSWR, from the output....
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Thermal Design for conduction cooled loads
What parameters do I need to know before using a conductive load? Important considerations are ambient temperature, and how much free air-flow is available.
One would also need to know the amount of heat needed to dissipate, i.e. A transmitter with a 100 watt output would require...
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