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Below is list of Aspen Electronics Principal Suppliers, If you would like to see only those relating to Components or Test and Measurement, please click the appropriate link below.

ADSANTEC Corporation is a high-speed mixed signal IC design house. The company has over 100 products ranging from individual ICs to board level systems
Admiral Microwaves
Our Sister Company, Admiral Microwaves, supplies a complimentary range of RF and microwave components including: RF / microwave semiconductors and integrated circuits plus many other products for communication systems, such as Antennas, Detectors, Microwave Modules, YIG Tuned Products, Wireless Zigbee Modules and much more.
Agilent Technologies
Aspen Electronics Ltd is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Agilent Technologies Inc. to act as their Authorised Distributor for a range of Agilent products including Oscilloscopes, Hand Held & Benchtop instruments, Power Supplies, Waveform Generators, RF Instruments, Digital Multimeters & Voltmeters.
Anritsu's product range include spectrum Analysers, Microwave Power Meters plus Precision RF & Microwave Components.
Arizona Capacitors
Wound film capacitors for commercial and military applications, electronic filters for many applications including EMI filters, low pass filters, feed-through capacitor filters, power line filters, and audio frequency filters.
RF & Microwave Coaxial and Waveguide Components.
BEEcube, Inc
BEEcube Inc. produces FPGA development platforms that allow system designers to evaluate and test their designs in real time using the latest Xilinx FPGAs. Using a range of high speed analogue and digital interfaces, these reconfigurable platforms can be configured as fully functional hardware for a wide range of applications.
Bird Electronics
Provides precision RF power measurement (analog, digital and pulsed modulated signal), antenna testers, power attenuators (Including load devices from 0.5 Watt to over 80 kW) & RF power terminations (Including air/water cooled, oil dielectric, convection & conduction cooled loads.

Charter Engineering
Charter Engineering Inc. design and manufacture precision electromechanical coax switches.
Ciao Wireless Inc.
RF & Microwave Amplifiers plus Space Qualified Coaxial Components.
CleverScope design and manufacture PC based Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscopes. These can be used on a range of applications, such as, Motor Control and Microprocessors. The PC connection is made using high speed USB for maximum data transfer rate.
Crosspoint Technologies
CrossPoint Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures Matrix Switch systems, Redundancy Switches and Selector Switches with frequency ranges from DC to 18 GHz.
These products are offered in multiple configurations from simple 2 way to large N x N matrix switching system and are designed for use in both commercial and military applications that include Satellite earth stations, signal exploitation, ELINT COMINT, SIGINT, TT&C, and test applications.
Please Contact Us for further information.
Croven Crystals
Croven Crystals is a leader in the design and development of precision quartz resonators since its founding in 1954. With extensive capabilities related to low noise, low aging rates and hi-reliability resonators.
Custom Suppression
EMI filters and RFI filters for defence as well as commercial applications. Products include standard EMI filters and RFI filters, plus Solder-in Filters, Resin Sealed Filters & Capacitors, Hermetically Sealed Filters & Capacitors, Custom Filtered Connectors, Custom Filtered D Connectors, Custom Multi-Section EMI/RFI Filter Assemblies, as well as Power Line Filters, and Commercial Filter Assemblies.
Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.
Delta make over 70 different series of coaxial connector to fill all your requirements, from industry standards such as 7/16, BNC, N-Type, SMA, TNC, to Micro-miniature SMB, MCX, MMCX and high power connects such as HN, SC, LC.
Deltenna designs and manufactures standard and specialist radio products for mobile base-stations and other wireless access applications. Lower cost, Higher performance, Smaller size, Whatever you need! Deltenna focus on the technology to make wireless work: the radio and the antenna. Put them together and exciting opportunities open up.
Diamond Antenna & Microwave Corp.
Diamond Antenna is a well known leader in the design and manufacture of microwave rotary couplers, with over 45 years of experience and hundreds of proven designs. If a standard item doesn't fit your requirements, then let us know what you need and we will assist you with a customized solution.
Electro-Photonics can design and manufacture RF & Microwave test fixtures, and evaluation boards for even the most technically challenging applications.
Euvis specializes in the design of high-performance RF, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). Their current products include high linearity RFICs for WiMAX, 3G/Cellular infrastructures; high dynamic range variable gain linear amplifiers and Gsps broadband Track-and-Hold amplifiers for front ends of GHz ADCs; high-speed mixed-signal ICs of Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), Direct-Digital Synthesizer (DDS), and Multiplexed DAC (MUXDAC); 10G analog communication ICs of Laser Diode Driver (LDD), Trans-Impedance Amplifier (TIA), and Limiting Amplifier (LIA).

HXI manufactures Microwave & Millimeter Wave Components for the following markets; military, industrial and commercial radars & sensors, aircraft landing systems, secure communications and communications surveillance, weapon detection, MilSATCOM, test equipment and university research.
GW Instek
Test Equipment including Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Function Generators & Spectrum Analysers.
Please note: Due to the large range of GW Instek equipment available this link will open up our sister website www.aspen-instek.com.
IF Engineering Corp.
I.F.E. are a custom supplier of Power Dividers, Couplers, Quadrature Hybrids, Phase Shifters, Phase Detectors, Phase Modulator, Multi-Couplers, Distribution Amplifiers, Up/Down Converters, Power Insertion Systems, and Switching devices.
Ceramic, lumped, cavity and suspended substrate filters / duplexers from 500kHz to 20GHz for Aerospace, Defence, Test Equipment and Communication Industries.
Ceramic resonators from 200MHz to 10GHz with 3~18mm profile and Er from 8~98.
Founded in 1959, Daishinku Corporation (KDS) specialises in high quality miniature crystal devices and resonators. Daishinku has gained a global reputation for its undisputed technology and quality control in the field of crystal oscillators and resonators due to innovative processes from growing synthetic quartz crystal to manufacturing the finished product. Products include crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, monolithic crystal filters and optical quartz products.

Kratos-CTI today offers a strong portfolio of products across the entire microwave spectrum including RF & Microwave Frequency Sources and Synthesisers.

KVG is a leading manufacturer of quartz crystal and crystal components, offering a wide product range of crystals, oscillators, filters and specific quartz crystal products.

LA Techniques Ltd.
LA Techniques develops and manufactures innovative test and measurement products including vector network analysers and pattern generators. We also produce high speed digital and analogue components for broadband telecom applications.
Lorch Microwave
Lorch Microwave's product portfolio comprises an extensive range of; Attenuators, Couplers, Filters (Cavity, Discrete, Waveguide, Tuneable, Ceramic, Tubular, Transmit & Receive), Duplexers, Mixers & Phase Shifters.

NEDI designs and manufactures SAW filters and resonators from 30MHz to 2.4GHz. Our ND series of SAW components are available in leaded type and SMD type (13.3×6.5, 7.0×5.0, 5.0×5.0, 5.0×3.5, 3.8×3.8, 3.0×3.0, etc). As the leading supplier of SAW components in China, NEDI have developed more than one thousand different types of SAW resonators and filters with excellent quality and high reliability. Both existing and custom design SAW filters, which are ITAR FREE

Passive Microwave Technology Inc. (Pamtech), design and manufacture some of the highest performance Ferrite products available on the market today.
Pendulum Instruments
Pendulum time and frequency instruments include frequency standards and distribution systems for calibration and other test applications, frequency counters and analyzers, synchronization testers, GPS signal generators, and microwave antenna alignment systems.
The Picotest M3500A is a versatile, highly accurate, 6 ˝ digit bench Multimeter. With powerful Maths functions that include Limit Testing, Ratio, MX+B, %, dB, dBm, Min/Max Storage, the M3500A is a powerful analysis tool. The addition of the Scanner Card option allows up to 10 channels to be switched or scanned. Buy Online Now.
Res-Net Microwave
Res-Net's comprehensive product range includes RF & Microwave Resistive Products, Chip and Coaxial Attenuators, Resistors and Terminations.
For over three decades Spectracom© have developed time and frequency products to support communications equipment and networks with reliable timing and synchronization and high throughput test and measurement.
SpectraTime (the new name for Temex Time) designs, manufacturers and markets a full range of advanced, low-cost rubidium and crystal sources, smart GPS and multi-reference synchronization clocks, and high-precision test sets.
Tabor Electronics
Established in 1971, Tabor Electronics has become a world-leading source of high-end test and measurement equipment. With experience spanning over three decades, and a product range that includes Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Function / Pulse Generators, Waveform Creation / Wireless Modulation Software, Wideband Amplifiers & PCI / PXI Instruments.
TDK Lambda
TDK-Lambda is a subsidiary of the TDK Corporation, a leading global electronics company. Aspen Electronics specialises in their Programmable and High Power Bulk Power Supplies, including the Genesys Range (1U-3U), Zero Up (Modular Programmable Supplies) & FPS (Front End Power Supplies).
Wirewound and metal film resistors. Tepro's core capability is the manufacture of tight tolerance resistors while achieving very high reliability on both their wirewound resistors and metal film resistors. Plus the Vamistor range of high voltage metal alloy and RL42 range of “MIL-R-22684” military Metal film resistors.
The SMP Portable Electromagnetic Field Monitoring System can measure electromagnetic field levels generated by any source within the frequency range of the probe attached to the system. For example it can measure fields generated by different sources such as mobile telephone base stations, radio and television transmitters and repeaters, DECT systems, Wi-Fi systems, etc
Willtek Communications
Willtek Communications provides terminal testing solutions and handheld spectrum analyzers for the mobile telecommunications industry, including; network operators, service providers, and equipment manufacturers.
Vectron International
As a former Vectron International Agent, Aspen Electronics can supply many products including crystals and crystal oscillators, frequency translators, clock and data recovery products, SAW filters and related products from its extensive stock holding.
X-COM Systems
X-COM has developed a series of products that revolutionize the way RF data is captured, analysed, and utilized, bringing unprecedented capabilities to engineers and product developers.

X-COM has also developed product lines that bring leading-edge digital waveform generation technology to deployable and niche applications not serviced by today’s COTS waveform generator solutions.