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Click here to open the Deltenna website in another windowDeltenna

Deltenna designs and manufactures standard and specialist radio products for mobile base-stations and other wireless access applications.

Lower cost. Higher performance. Smaller size. Whatever you need, Deltenna focus on the technology to make wireless work: the radio and the antenna. Put them together and exciting opportunities open up.

Fixed-mobile convergence, multiple frequency bands and standards, and the push for higher wireless data rates mean a need for:
  • Smaller and lower cost equipment
  • Increased integration between the radio and antenna
  • Multiple antenna elements for MIMO/beamforming
  • Self-install capabilities
  • Frequency/standard-agile radio architectures
  • Innovative use of existing technology
This presents an inviting opportunity for wireless system engineers with an intimate knowledge of the standards and the technology. The team at Deltenna is working closely with a number of leading players developing GSM, WCDMA, WiMAX and WiFi solutions in the following markets: Rotating Antenna Serches for best signal regardless of network!
  • Mobile radio : Products, subsystems, modules and reference designs
  • Fixed/Broadband wireless access : Last-mile solutions
  • Municipal mesh networks : High capacity backhaul links
  • Maritime : On-board telemetry links
  • Aviation : On-board communications
  • Automotive : Vehicle-to-roadside communications
  • Emergency services : Mobile network recovery

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For RF engineers tasked with designing wireless networks, satisfying the link budget and minimising interference are two key requirements. The antenna is an important piece of hardware that helps them meet these challenges.

Exacting requirements, which vary from region to region and network to network, demand many antenna variants. Bandwidth, gain, horizontal beamwidth, vertical tilt, polarisation, isolation and above all cost are all critical aspects to any successful product.

Low-cost base station antennas

Antenna from Deltenna Lowering cost is the mantra for mobile network operators the world over. In developing markets this is especially true, but it does not have to be at the expense of performance.

With this in mind, Deltenna has taken a closer look at the base station antenna and produced a solution that uses patented technology to lower cost, size and weight, and simplify manufacturing. This comprises:
  • A unique and compact wideband balunless folded dipole element on a single PCB
  • A low-loss, high power and compliant phase shifter to adjust vertical beam tilt
  • A simplified mechanical design without the need for extra metal walls to meet isolation requirements
This has the benefit of: Compact and lightweight, Fixed and variable electrical tilt, Vertical or cross polarisation, Single or multiple frequency bands, High isolation (> 30dB) between ports, High gain options up to 20dBi.

Applications include: High-capacity base stations, Dual/multi-band installations, Highway coverage.

Rugged low-profile antennas

Low Profile Rugged Antennas from Deltenna Commercial mobile radio standards have evolved into some of the most relied-upon communications systems in the world. Consequently, if they fail after a major incident, natural or man-made, it is vital that service is resumed as soon as possible. The responsibility falls to the emergency services, who need equipment to hand that is quick to deploy and can operate in much harsher environments – tougher requirements than their commercial counterparts.

With this in mind, Deltenna has developed a range of hardened antennas using patent-pending technology to withstand the wear and tear of some of the toughest conditions – a 5m drop onto concrete merely chips the paint.

With benefits including: Wideband operation replacing multiple antennas, Circular polarisation across the band to guarantee range, Compact and easily mounted to different structures or vehicles.

All the products below have circular polarisation, with a 3dB Beamwidth of 50 Degrees (this excludes the DCW AM 75 75 & DCW AM 75 75 N which have a Beamwidth of 75 Degrees)

Frequency band (MHz) Part Number & Datasheet (PDF) Gain (dBi) Connector type Size (HxWxD) (mm) Number of ports
824-960 DCW AM 50 5010 SMA 315×315x40 1
824-960DCW AM 75 75
DCW AM 75 75 N
175×175x65 1
1710-1990 DCW DS 50 50
DCW DS 50 50 N
11 SMA
185×185x25 1
1920-2170 DCW US 50 50
DCW US 50 50 N
11 SMA
185×185x25 1
824-894 DCS AS 50 50
DCS AS 50 50 N
10 SMA
880-960 DCS GM 50 50
DCS GM 50 50 N
10 SMA
315×315x40 1
1710-1880 DCS DS 50 5010 SMA 185×185x25 2
1850-1990 DCS PS 50 5010 SMA 185×185x25 2

If you require any further information or to request a quotation please Contact Us with your specifications today.

Wireless Solutions

Our approach to product development is simple:
  • Identify a need or limitation with existing technology or products
  • Develop an optimal solution by applying an end-to-end systems approach and disruptive use of technology
  • Prove it works and bring to market through licensing or turnkey production
  • WCDMA, WiMAX, WiFi – whether looking for higher data rates, improved coverage or just lower cost, Deltenna has potential solutions

Examples of which include:
  • Self-installing infrastructure antenna:
    Beam-definable antenna that auto-configures to its environment
  • Broadband wireless data connection:
    Self-installing intelligent wireless access backhaul
  • Frequency and standard-agile radio card
    Single-board radio supporting multiple standards in multiple bands (400MHz to 4GHz)
  • RF front-end without cavity filter:
    Distributed ceramic filters reducing cost and size.

With Applications in:
  • Compact radios for micro / pico / femto base stations,
  • 3G backhaul connection for WiFi access points
  • Site sharing between mobile operators.

If you cannot find a product that meets your needs, please telephone us on 0208 868 1311 or email sales@aspen-electronics.com

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