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Antenna Testers

Bird Electronics AT-500 and AT-800 Series Antenna Testers provide a cost-effective, fast, graphical way of determining the quality of mobile and base station antennas.

The AT-100 and AT-400 Models have been replaced with the AT-500, this operates in the 2 ~ 520 MHz Range. (previously both discontinued AT-100 and AT-400 models would be required to do this)

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FeaturesBird Electronics' AT-500
  • Rugged, easy-to-use, hand-held design with extended battery life makes it ideal for use in the field.
  • Tests the system in VSWR, Return Loss, Match Efficiency, or Reflection Coefficient (Rho).
  • Single frequency readings and frequency sweeps allow for everything from pinpointests to system optimisation and tuning.
  • Can save up to 12 traces for comparison and tracking over time.
  • RS232 Interface allows communication with a PC for saving traces using the optional software.

For a full Datasheet with complete specification, including optional accessories please click here

Model: AT-500
Description: New Model, 2 - 520 MHz Antenna Tester.
Datasheet: Click here to download the datasheet.

Model: AT-800
Description: New Model 806 - 960 MHz Antenna Tester.
Datasheet: Click here to download the datasheet.

Model: AT-100
Description: New, 2 - 163 MHz Antenna Tester (discontinued model).
Datasheet: Click here to download the datasheet.

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