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News, Events & Current Product Information

Specialist Audio Capacitors
Arizona Capacitors

Manufactured in the US by Arizona Capacitors, now part of Electro Technik Industries, the C50309 range of paper and polyester dielectric, oil-filled capacitors is designed for use in audio equipment such as pre-amplifiers, amplifiers and loudspeaker crossover networks.

NUWPEC Contract

National Universities Working Party on Electronic Components (NUWPEC), have contracted (Framework Agreement) Aspen Electronics to supply Test & Measurement Equipment to the Education Sector. Aspen Electronics has a specialised T&M Division with years of experience in the Education Sector.

As part of the contract managed by North West Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC), we can offer customers in the Education Sector additional value added services as Test & Measurement specialists.

For Further details please view the Information Letter »

Aspen Announces the Essential RF Spectrum Analyser

RF Spectrum Analyser

Just announced by Aspen Electronics is the GSP-930 3GHz spectrum analyser designed and developed by GW Instek. Based on an innovative next generation platform, the instrument offers advanced spectrogram and topography features, thereby setting a new standard for the 3GHz spectrum analyser as the essential RF analysis tool.

A past and present review of Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial cable first came into existence around 1880, with coaxial connectors following on soon after. So they have been in use for more than 100 years and today they can be found almost everywhere. From domestic applications like television or satellite installations; on to professional installations in audio and broadcast systems; and also found in military communications to high energy science projects – and that’s not forgetting many types of test & measurement applications. Howard Venning, MD of Aspen Electronics peruses the subject.

Accuracy Amplified

Accuracy Amplified

When it comes to high reliability applications such as radar and advanced wireless & satellite communications, accurate and high quality test instrumentation is essential. The roll out of new high performance digital wireless systems has been rapid, and companies are increasingly reliant on their reliable and continuous operation.

Testing GPS in an Automotive Environment


As sectors of the automotive industry experience resurgence, it is evident that customers are demanding more technology to be fitted to their vehicles to improve safety and convenience. GPS is a good example of this where GPS technology not only helps navigation, but contributes to driver safety as traffic and other information compliment the basic GPS functionality. Howard Venning, MD of Aspen Electronics, explains that with such a reliance on a single piece of sophisticated electronics the need to test a vehicles GPS system during development, and on production lines, is vital to ensure the system is working and reliable.

High power, low loss directional couplers exclusively from Aspen

Directional Couplers

Now available exclusively from specialist RF & Microwave distributor, Aspen Electronics, is a top quality range of high power directional couplers. Manufactured in the US by IF Engineering, these compact devices are designed specifically to meet a wide range of RF applications where RF or microwave incident and reflected power needs to be sensed, sampled and measured with minimal disturbance to the transmission line.

Will China's loss be the UK's gain?

Howard Venning

Will 2012 be the year manufacturing comes back to the UK? Hopefully – yes, probably – yes, particularly if we look at what is happening at the heart of the largest manufacturing nation on the planet, China. Whilst discussing economics recently I trotted out my theory that 2012 would be the beginning of the end for China. In short I said that it had risen too high, too quickly. Comparing it with other countries / regions around the world it has tried to achieve in a couple of decades what other countries have only achieved after centuries. The only exception being Japan, but even then it took Japan close to 50 years to reach the peak of its economic activity in the early 1990s.

NoiseCom's JV9000 helps keep the noise down.

Wideband Power Ssensor

Today’s computers, communication devices and other electronic equipment use a combination of digital ICs (both LSI and VLSI), analogue ICs, and A/D and D/A converters. Due to space constraints, these components are packed within a very small space, which again provides ideal conditions for electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Wideband Power Sensor for Widespread RF Measurement

Wideband Power Ssensor

There is no better way to measure RF power than by using the ‘in-line’ sensor approach, and the latest product introductions from Bird Technologies Group, demonstrate why they are considered to be a world class RF test equipment manufacturer. The WPS range of Wideband Power Sensors has been extended with five new models, giving users an even greater choice of sensors to match their applications.

Precision and performance in microwave components in Manchester

Vectron VTM3 Aspen's extensive portfolio of instruments and components, is set to attract considerable attention from the international audience attending this 6 day event in Manchester. Ideally suited to applications covering the design, development, production and test of RF and microwave equipment, subsystems and installations, the product range includes specialist instrumentation, as well as a wide range of components.


High quality high-power chip attenuators satisfy many needs (RPCA150-20)

Instek GSP-830

Specialist RF and Microwave component and equipment distributor, Aspen Electronics, has announced the immediate availability of a range of high quality, high power chip attenuators.

Diodes to check out the noice levels, with precision

WENS 800 ImageJust announced by specialist UK distributor of test and measurement products, Aspen Electronics, is a range of noise diodes and modules designed specifically for analogue noise systems and associated built in test equipment (BITE).

ITAR-Benefit or Barrier

Howard Venning, of Aspen Electronics, sheds some light on the ITAR legislation and its affects.
Howard Venning
As someone who has worked for more than 30 years in the electronics industry, I have always been aware of restrictions and regulations regarding the importation and possible re-exportation of “sensitive” technology to restricted parties. This is because for the majority of that time my company has been involved in the importation and sales of “high tech” electronic components, primarily from the USA, and selling on to all types of customers.


KVG Awarded Space Qualification

Space QualificationKVG proudly announce that they are listed on ESCC "Qualified Parts List" QPL as one of only two European ESA qualified manufacturer of crystals for space applications.


Diamond Rotary Joints

Diamond Rotary Joints

The extensive range of high quality, high reliability rotary joints, essential components in any directional antenna system, is now available in the UK through specialist RF & Microwave distributor, Aspen Electronics. Manufactured in the US by Diamond Antenna & Microwave, the range includes hundreds of designs, from single channel coax and waveguide rotary joints to multi-channel products.

Super fast counter timer streams ahead

Pendulum CNT 91Just announced by Aspen Electronics, is the availability of the Pendulum Instruments CNT-91, the world’s most powerful timer/counter/analyser available on the market today. Both speed and resolution have been improved over the existing market leader, the CNT-90. Now with unprecedented performance, the CNT-91 features 50ps single-shot time interval resolution; 12digits/s frequency resolution; an exceptionally fast 250,000 measurements/s saved to internal 3.5Million results memory; and an expanded 2,600 individual measurements/s via GPIB/USB bus.

Low Cost, No Compromise Ceramic Filters

Lorch FiltersJust available in the UK, exclusively from Aspen Electronics, is a comprehensive range of highly cost-effective ceramic filters designed for use in telecommunications and test equipment applications. The devices are manufactured by Lorch Commercial & Wireless (LCW), a division of the US-based, Lorch Microwave, a renowned vendor of high quality RF and Microwave products for 40 years. This LCW range of ceramic filters is highly cost-effective in production volumes, but makes no compromise in terms of build quality and specification.

Bird Loads and Attenuators

Bird loads and attenuators imageJust announced by specialist microwave component distributor, Aspen Electronics, is a completely new line of improved accuracy, fixed attenuators and terminations for use in wired, wireless and satellite broadcast and communications equipment as well as military and avionics systems. Rated from DC to 18GHz, these robust Tenuline RF coaxial attenuators and Termaline RF coaxial terminations come from the US-based world-class manufacturer, Bird Technologies. Bird’s RF attenuators are renowned for high quality, robust construction and conservative power ratings.

High frequency connection.

Coaxial Connectors Avaliable from Aspen ElectroncisJust announced, and exclusively available in the UK from Aspen Electronics, are high specification connectors and adapters designed for use in a wide range of commercial and military high frequency coaxial microwave component applications. Manufactured in the Far East to very high quality standards, the devices offer high precision specifications, particularly in terms of VSWR and insertion loss. The high frequency bulkhead connector range includes 2.92mm male and female flange mount components in both two and four hole fitting versions.